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NaturalSensationHeaderjpg.jpg (15394 bytes)NATURAL SENSATION
$24.95 for 2 oz. Jar of "Rapture"

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Full sexual response can be hard or even impossible for millions of women. This is often due to poor circulation in the vaginal area. This amazing SENSATION cream is formulated with the natural amino acid, L-arginine, proven to promote circulation to help increase responsiveness in that sensitive area. Let Natural Sensation help you reach the full pleasure of sexual intimacy with the very first application. Extra gentle, clear, scent-free formula is undetectable and can be used as often as needed.

Natural Sensation is not a prescription product, but rather a topical nutritional supplement. The main ingredient, L-arginine, is naturally occurring and one of the "semi-essential" amino acids, which increases this blood flow. Your own sexual performance can be significantly improved by increasing the volume of blood flow to the sex organs. Women can experience greater clitoris sensitivity and easier, more intense orgasms. For women, this can mean relief from sexual frustration and result in larger, longer, intense and more powerful orgasms.

L-Arginine and Sexual Responsiveness
    How does L-Arginine work in women?

Natural Sensation is the natural and safe way to assure optimal female sexual satisfaction every time. Orgasms occur much more easily, moe quickly, more naturally and with much greater intensity without the pre-planning and negative side effects often associated with prescription drugs.

Female sexual response is heightened when blood flows into the genital tissue, particularly the clitoris and g-spot areas. This blood flow is naturally under the control of nitric oxide. The active ingredients of Natural Sensation, L-Arginine is the same substance used by the body itself to produce nitric oxide which in turns improves and heightens female sexual response.

The natural L-Arginine is delivered through the skin of the genital tissue when applied using the patented TransDermal delivery system based on Fugacity. This system simply means that L-Arginine is in an uncomfortable environment in the cream state and feels much happier in your genital tissue. It therefore moves from the cream into the genital tissue where it is converted into nitric oxide and this brings about increased blood flow resulting in heightened sensation in the clitoris, the g-spot and other female genital tissues. The result is all sexual chemistry in motion.

The role of nitric oxide in controlling blood flow was only recently discovered in 1998 resulting in a Nobel Prize for scientific discovery. From this discovery, researchers further discovered that the application of L-Arginine (Nitric Oxide) through Natural Sensation results in the production of a natural and optimal female sexual response.

In acting to increase the GMP enzyme which in turn is responsible for the increased sexual response, Natural Sensation works the same way as well known prescription sex pills; however some prescription formulas increase blood flow all over the body which can lead to some unpleasant and undesirable and unhealthy side effects. In contrast, Natural Sensation only increases blood flow to the genital tissue where it is applied while the rest of the body remains functioning normally. This increased blood flow from the application of Natural Sensation results in heightened sensation in the clitoris, the g-spot and other female genital tissues.

Women can thus use Natural Sensation safely with confidence and regularly just before sexual activity to assure optimal sexual enjoyment and optimal sexual satisfaction....

How does Sensation really work: Physiological Action
Arousal of the clitoris
-           Requires sexual stimulation such as touching, rubbing, kissing or visual images;
-           Causes blood engorgement of the clitoris which in turn causes:
-           Clitoris enlargement;
-           Clitoris erection;
-           Clitoris increased sensitivity
-           Which causes Vasodilatation (clitoris blood vessels enlarge to cause blood                          engorgement)

Blood engorgement of the clitoris is caused by Nitric Oxide
 -           Nitric Oxide is a potent blood vessel dilator
-           Nitric Oxide is produced from L-Arginine
-           L-Arginine converts into Nitric Oxide by an enzyme in the clitoral tissue

Natural Sensation works by
-           Increasing the production of Nitric Oxide;
-           Sensation supplies through the clitoral skin over 100 times the amount of L-Arginine                  normally found in tissue;
-           Menthol itself causes blood vessel dilatation;
-           Menthol allows the clitoral skin to absorb the L-Arginine;
-           Sensation has an immediate effect.
-           Sensation is sold without a prescription;
-           Sensation is made in FDA approved laboratories with pharmaceutical grade facilities                   and standards.. 
-           Sensation is not considered a drug – it is a personal use product intended for sexual                  enhancement.
-           Sensation is NOT intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment or                  prevention of disease; nor intended to affect the structure of any body function. 
-           The labeling of Sensation expressly states that this product is “not intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease”, and also advises the user to seek the advice of a physician if she believes that she suffers from any disease or medical condition that may affect her sexual responsiveness.

Q -  What is it?
A – Sensation is a specially compounded cream to sensitize a woman’s clitoris. Sensation contains L-Arginine, an amino acid available in health food stores.  Sensation ingredients are all natural..   

Q – What is going to happen to me when you rub this crème onto me? Will I have an immediate, automatic orgasm?
A – Not likely.  Most women who clinically tested Sensation reported progressively improved responses through three or more successive uses of the Sensation program
Sensation also requires the sexual stimulation of touching, rubbing and other activities of foreplay. 

Q – Does the Sensation guarantee an orgasm? What if the Sensation does not work for me?
A – Every woman is uniquely different. Individual problems, like decreased estrogen, can cause decreased sexual responsiveness. Birth control pills, injections, implants, hormone replacement therapy and menopause can cause a decrease of estrogen. Other problems like stress, fatigue or depression can also cause problems with sexual responsiveness.  There are also numerous medical reasons for decreased sexual responsiveness.  If you suspect problems, contact a gynecologist. 
Sensation cannot counteract the effects of inadequate estrogen or the effects of medical depression.
Sensation cannot make a woman’s partner a caring, knowledgeable lover. 
-           Sensation can ENHANCE a woman’s sexual responsiveness.
-           Sensation can IMPROVE a woman’s sexual responsiveness.
-           Sensation can SENSITIZE a woman’s genital tissues.
Sensation offers the women the opportunity for sexual satisfaction plus

Q- How much does it cost.
A -  The cost nationally, for similar types of products can range as high as $50 to $130.  At the passionfires.com store, and the rapturecream.com stores,  the price is the lowest price available worldwide at only $24.95 per jar.

Natural Sensation offers all women the opportunity for the sexual satisfaction they deserve!

L-arginine and sex

L-Arginine is an essential amino acid, one of the building blocks of protein in the body. "Essential" refers to the fact that the body cannot manufacture L-Arginine from other substances the way it does with some (nonessential) amino acids. To maintain your supply of this nutrient it is essential that you either consume foods containing L-Arginine (eg, dairy products, nuts, chicken, turkey, and other fowl) or take L-arginine supplements.
Until about a decade ago, L-Arginine was largely ignored except in its very limited protein - building role. Now it turns out, L-arginine is the main source of the primary molecule responsible for sexual arousal.

Enhanced libido

Both men and women have remarked about the way L-arginine seems to increase their libido, or desire for sex. Exclaimed one 21 year old woman when asked about L-Arginine, "My god, that stuff! I had to stop taking it. I was doing every guy that came along!" While her reaction may have been a little extreme, some women have been reported to have given L-arginine to their husbands who had lost interest in sex and soon found that they had a rearoused mate on their hands.

Now there is Natural Sensation for Women. Now there's an opportunity for women to achieve sexual satisfaction and explosive orgasms like never before!
    Do you desire sexual experiences that leave you breathless and satisfied?
    Do you have difficulty achieving orgasm?
    Do you wish that you could achieve orgasm every time?
    Do you long for orgasms that other women report,
        or you remember from when you were younger?
If you answered YES to any of these questions, you're not alone!
Natural Sensation Rapture Cream may be the answer you were looking for.

How does Sensation work?
Sensation causes a warmth and tingle of the clitoris when applied: and the optimum effect of Sensation is ten to thirty minutes after application, but this varies with each individual woman. The tingling, sensual, sensations of the L-arginine effect, in combination with the physical stimulation of the clitoris during intercourse, lends to more heightened pleasure, more frequent and more powerful orgasms and explosive sexual responsiveness.

NATURAL SENSATION - Worlds 1st Passion Cream for Women - Its nothing less than pure RAPTURE and maybe the best thing you ever gave to yourself or the best thing you ever gave to her! Natural Sensation and Rapture for Women-Only $24.95 for pure Sensation

Assures the Optimal Female Sexual Experience
Optimal Orgasms
Optimal Orgasm Intensity
Optimal Orgasm Accessibility

$24.95 for 2 oz. Jar
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